Car Wreck

You’ve been involved in a car wreck and are now experiencing the life-altering impact of your injuries, whether physical or emotional. If you were not at-fault, you want to hold the other driver financially responsible for the wreck and other related issues. Mark Thomas is ready to fight for you, to get you the compensation you deserve. Mark doesn’t believe in “car accidents.” He believes there is no such thing as an accident, and that someone is always at fault.

Speak With a Lawyer Before The Insurance Company

Know that insurance companies employ their own team of lawyers who work to prevent you from getting the compensation you need and deserve. That’s why it may be unwise to speak to the other party’s insurance company before you visit our law office. A skilled insurer can twist your statement or commit you to something you didn’t intend, using your own words to justify a lower settlement offer.

Car Wreck Lawsuit Basic

After a consultation with Mark Thomas, we’ll decide together whether to settle the case or move forward with litigation. Mark is always ready to fight for you in court, but his top priority is getting you the compensation you deserve as quickly and effectively as possible. Mark provides honest advice to all of his clients.

What happens if we settle?

Before we determine that a car wreck lawsuit is in order, there is often an opportunity to settle your claim. We will communicate with the responsible party’s insurer on your behalf. If you feel the settlement amount is fair and appropriate, then there is no need to move forward with a car wreck lawsuit. However, if you aren’t happy with the offer, we will continue on with the litigation process

What happens if we sue?

Georgia is a comparative negligence state, which means we will be prepared to prove you were less than 50% at-fault and the other driver was more than 50% at fault for the wreck. How can we prove this? Our experience and the hundreds of cases Mark has successfully handled over his years in practice. We often use police accident reports, and can even require officers to testify in court, proving fault. We can also use physical and video evidence. Any pictures you gathered at the scene may also be useful.

Types of Compensation

A car wreck can cause a variety of damages with long-lasting implications. The following are examples of the compensation that you might be awarded. These include damages related to:

  • Pain and suffering, which could involve thousands of dollars.
  • Medical expenses, including future medical expenses you might accrue because of your wreck-related injuries.
  • Lost wages, due to not being able to work after being injured.
  • Loss of companionship, consortium and affection, such as your wreck leading you to lose relationships that were previously part of your life.
  • Punitive damages, when the actions of the responsible party were egregious or malicious.

The compensation amount you receive is based on a variety of factors, like the extent of the damages and injuries and if you yourself were considered at-fault for the wreck in any part.

The Statute of Limitations

In Georgia, you have two years from the date of the wreck to file a personal injury lawsuit and four years for a property damage lawsuit. Don’t wait around if you have been injured in a car wreck. You need to seek immediate legal advice and allow us to begin working on your behalf as soon as possible, but in many cases you may be able to revisit an incident for up to two years after it occurred.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Resolution?

Although every case is different, many clients agree to settlements and have their cases resolved in a few months, but a settlement isn’t right for everyone. If the responsible driver in your wreck is contesting or disputing fault, your case may result in a jury trial. A resolution to your cases could take much longer, but Mark will be with you every step of the way for as long as it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you are the victim of a car wreck and are suffering injuries due to the incident, give us a call today. We are here to help you and to fight on your behalf. Mark will work tirelessly to ensure you are awarded the greatest amount of compensation legally allowed. Call us today to get started.

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