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The Benefits That You’re Entitled to When Injured at Work

Injured workers need to be protected against the impacts of on-the-job injuries. The loss of wages, physical pain, and emotional distress are just a few of the many challenges that injured employees must face.

Thankfully, many employees can obtain benefits through workers compensation programs that provide assistance for medical treatments and reduce the losses that may be incurred after an injury.

Workers’ compensation has been established to provide protection for both employees and employers. The following explains some of the primary benefits that injured workers are entitled to receive.

Medical Benefits

Employees have the right to receive any medical treatments that are necessary to recover from a workplace injury.

Medical benefits assist employees in covering the costs associated with any medical expenses, prescription medication, surgeries, and medical transportation.

The medical benefits provided to employees can vary depending on your location. Many employees are required to receive treatment from a company-appointed doctor. However, you may be able to choose a different doctor after a certain period of time.

Medical benefits may also help cover the costs related to the use of medical equipment such as wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Counseling services and therapy can also be included in the medical benefits you may be entitled to.

Alternative treatment methods may not be covered under your workers’ compensation plan. It’s important to understand what types of treatments are accepted by your compensation plan in order to maximize the benefits you receive.


Disability benefits help offset the loss of income due to an inability to continue working. This applies to both temporary and permanent disability. It offers the compensation workers need when they are unable to earn wages.
But there are some restrictions related to the minimum and maximum limits that an employee must pay.

Temporary disability benefits cover the time period that is required to heal from an injury. This can also relate to a partial or total disability.

Partial disability indicates that an employee can continue to perform limited work. But this reduces their capacity to earn an income.

Total disability benefits compensate employees for the entire income that’s lost when they are unable to perform their work in any capacity.

Permanent Disability Settlement

Serious injuries cause employees to become permanently disabled. This occurs when an employee cannot fully recover from the injuries sustained while on the job and entitles him or her to a financial settlement for the disability.

A permanent disability prevents an individual from participating in the workforce and earning income.

The level of disability that occurs from an injury will ultimately determine the amount of the permanent disability settlement. The worker’s income at the time of injury, age, and other factors will also influence the final settlement.

Vocational Rehabilitation

A workplace injury may prevent an individual from returning to their job. But in some cases, that employee may be able to get another type of job. As a result, many workers’ compensation plans provide assistance with vocational rehabilitation.

Vocational rehabilitation offers an income distribution that’s similar to that which is provided in a case of temporary disability. There may be a maximum limit and can also be replaced by the employer if a different position can be provided to the individual.

Vocational rehabilitation helps determine what abilities and skills an employee possesses for acquiring a new job. Services that include resumé development, job training, and other assistance can also be obtained through vocational rehabilitation programs.

These are the primary benefits that workers are entitled to when injured while on the job. They offer the compensation that helps offset any loss of income, medical expenses, and physical disability.

Understanding these benefits and knowing what to expect after an injury ensures that you and your family are fully protected so that you can reclaim your quality of life.


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