What to Ask When Hiring an Attorney: Has the Attorney Ever Been Disciplined by a Legal or Ethics Committee?  

What to Ask When Hiring an Attorney: Has the Attorney Ever Been Disciplined by a Legal or Ethics Committee?  

When you’re hiring an attorney, determining whether they’ve been disciplined by a legal or ethics committee is one of the most important steps you can take.

Like all states, Georgia has rules related to professional conduct that govern how attorneys act when representing clients and carrying out their professional duties.

Disciplinary organizations investigate any claims made by clients and other parties against legal professionals. Legal and ethical committees must determine if the attorney as, in fact, violated any rules.

Professional Conduct and Discipline in Law

Legal and ethics committees hold attorneys who violate rules accountable while informing the public about the professional standing of lawyers.

There’s a wide range of reasons why a legal professional might be disciplined. These include the misappropriation of payments made by their clients, fraudulent billing, failing to renew licenses and certifications, and other violations.

The severity of the violation will determine the level of punishment. In some cases, an attorney may be deemed ineligible to practice in the state of Georgia.

When hiring an attorney, find out if they’ve been disciplined in the past as well as the reasons why.

The Professional Duties of a Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia

The professional duties and obligations of attorneys are clearly outlined in the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.

Georgia’s Supreme Court regulates the profession as a whole. But investigating and disciplining attorneys is the responsibility of the State Bar of Georgia’s Office of the General Counsel.

Georgia attorneys fulfill many roles when serving their clients’ interests. They must be able to inform you of your legal rights as they relate to your case. Your attorney serves as your advocate, providing you full representation in a court of law.

They must work to get the best possible outcome for your case and maximize the value of any compensation you receive.

Your attorney should communicate with you on any issues or changes that can arise in your case. Likewise, they should be accessible so that you can address any concerns along the way.

Confidentiality in your communication is critical to working with an attorney. Failing to maintain confidentiality can compromise your case.

Hiring a Qualified and Experienced Attorney You Can Trust

It’s in your best interest to hire an attorney who has demonstrated integrity and ethics in their work. Your interests must be prioritized over those of your attorney.

A qualified lawyer will represent you with complete loyalty and confidence while complying with the rules of professional conduct.

When a lawyer fails to handle your case in a manner that’s reasonably expected from all attorneys, you may be able to sue for malpractice. But it can be difficult and costly to sue your attorney and win.

So doing a proper background check when hiring an attorney is the best way to protect yourself and have a greater chance of success with your lawsuit.

Understanding the rules of professional conduct that attorneys must follow and making sure you hire an attorney who hasn’t been disciplined by a legal or ethics committee can help you get the help you need.

A qualified and experienced attorney you can trust will provide a level of service that gives you peace of mind in knowing that your legal rights are being fully represented and protected in a Georgia court of law.


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