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What to do After a Rideshare Accident in Georgia?

Many people rely on Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services to conveniently get around when traveling or enjoying a night out in Atlanta. It’s easy to hire drivers, but they sometimes have little experience and may not be familiar with the area. Even experienced drivers traveling in familiar regions are prone to human error. Additionally, another driver’s negligence may cause an accident. So, using rideshare services comes with risks you may not think of beforehand. 

If you are in a rideshare accident, you might wonder how to move forward. For example, as a passenger, what are your rights, who is responsible, and what insurance company do you contact for compensation? For best results, consult with a personal injury attorney who will handle the details so that you can focus on getting well and returning to your usual routine. 

What Are the Right Steps To Take After a Lyft or Uber Accident?

What should you do after a Lyft or Uber crash? As a passenger, you may wonder how to protect yourself and gather all the necessary information. Here are essential steps to remember if you find yourself involved in a rideshare accident:

  • Seek a medical evaluation. Your health is the most important thing, especially if you’ve just been in a rideshare accident. So, before you contact a personal injury attorney, call 911. Getting emergency services is critical if you have severe injuries. However, you should seek medical attention immediately after the accident. Medical reports show that you have suffered injuries and can help your case. For more information about why this step is important, here’s a short video from Mark Thomas explaining What To Do After You’ve Been in an Accident
  • Report the accident. It’s essential to file a police report to have a record of the accident. In many states, such as Georgia, it’s required by law. In the case of a rideshare accident where you are a passenger, the drivers involved must report the crash. You should ensure that the police arrive on the scene for your protection. That way, you can get a police report containing helpful information that can support any claims you make later.
  • Take photos. Chances are that you have your phone if you’ve booked the Uber or Lyft you’re currently riding in. Use it to take pictures of your injuries, the vehicles involved, and the accident scene. These photos can help you build your case by providing visual context.
  • Collect as much information as you can. At a minimum, write down your rideshare driver’s name, driver’s license, and contact information. Also, collect the insurance information and license plate number. If possible, get the same information from the other driver. 
  • Contact a personal injury attorney. If you need to file a claim against an Uber or Lyft driver who caused the accident, you need all the help you can get. Personal injury attorney, Mark Thomas, can help you determine who is at fault so that you can receive compensation for your injuries.

Tips for Achieving the Best Outcome After Injury in a Rideshare Accident

Here are a few tips to bear in mind if your Uber or Lyft ride ends in an accident:

  • Talk to a personal injury attorney to understand your legal rights, even if you don’t plan on filing a lawsuit. 
  • If neither driver calls the police, take matters into your own hands and call them yourself. It would be best if you also worked directly with insurance companies to ensure they knew about your injuries.
  • Don’t quit just because an insurance company tells you no. You can better understand your rights by meeting with a personal injury attorney. That includes the insurance companies for the rideshare driver and any other drivers involved. However, it also has its insurer. Before you settle for an amount offered by any of these parties, discuss the situation carefully with your attorney.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help After a Rideshare Accident?

Following an Uber or Lyft accident, here is what a personal injury attorney can do:

  • Investigate the accident. Your personal injury attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident. That includes visiting the scene, talking to eyewitnesses, and understanding what happened. In short, our experienced attorneys gather the evidence needed to back up your claim. 
  • File the claim. When you file a personal injury claim, there are rules and deadlines that your attorney will handle for you. Working with an attorney will help ensure that you properly file the claim and gives you the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.
  • Gather medical documentation. As an accident victim, it is up to you to prove that the crash caused your injuries. Fortunately, your personal injury attorney has the experience to wade through medical information to gather the needed evidence. The evidence gathered might include medical records, bills, and other documentation that verifies your injuries.
  • Talk to the insurance company. Following a rideshare crash, all insurance companies involved will try to collect your medical records and take statements that they can later use against you. It’s important not to speak with any of these parties before consulting with your attorney.

What if the Case Goes to Trial?

Our attorneys will do everything they can to settle the claim out of court to save you time and money. However, your personal injury attorney has the experience necessary to represent your interests if the case goes to trial. 

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Today!

Suffering injuries always disrupt your life. But unfortunately, you may not know where to turn for assistance when hurt in a Lyft or Uber accident. Fortunately, we have personal injury attorneys with the knowledge and experience needed to help you receive reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with your accident injuries.

Attorney Mark Thomas understands how accidents can affect all aspects of your life and how significant an impact they can make. Therefore, we encourage you to call our office at (404) 984-2653 for a free, no-obligation call today so that we can understand your specific situation. 



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