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Why You Should Always Call the Police After a Car Crash

Knowing what to do after a car crash can be a challenge. Emotions run high, and injuries or property damage may cause you to overlook some key steps in protecting you and your family.

That’s why it’s a good idea to always call the police after a car crash. They provide assistance to you and other drivers while also providing the evidence you need when filing a claim with insurance companies

Car Crash Essentials

The first thing to do when involved in a car crash is to determine if there are any injuries. The safety of all drivers and passengers should be the first priority after an accident.

Taking this step gives you valuable information that can be given to the authorities when they arrive. Vehicles that are operable after a crash should be moved so that all individuals remain safe and that there is minimal risk to oncoming traffic.

When you call the police, provide as much information as possible and include the following:

  • Location
  • Number of cars, drivers, and passengers
  • Injuries and specific medical needs

Be sure to identify yourself to the police officers once they arrive while noting their names and badge numbers. This will help you when obtaining the accident report for your own records.

Caring for other drivers and exchanging personal information can be done while waiting for the police officers to arrive. More importantly, you should report any injuries as soon as possible in order to avoid confusion down the line.

Police Assistance at the Scene of a Car Crash

Georgia state law requires drivers to call the police if the accident has resulted in property damages totaling more than $500 as well as in cases that involve injuries or death.

Responding police officers can provide you with information that will help you gather the necessary evidence and prevent common mistakes.

Police officers can help you request medical care in cases where a driver or passenger has been injured. They also have the tools and expertise to secure an accident scene and protect its inhabitants.

Most importantly, once police officers have arrived, they can implement the investigation needed to file a successful claim.

Police Can Help You in Filing a Claim

Many drivers make the mistake of admitting fault at the scene of an accident. This makes it difficult to recover any losses if the admission is included in the accident report.

A police officer can ensure that you provide only the facts related to the accident. More importantly, by remaining at the scene and completing a police report, you support your case when making a claim against another driver’s insurance provider.

In addition, Injuries such as whiplash and back pain can arise long after an accident has occurred. A police report can support your injury claims so that you get the compensation you need to receive adequate medical treatment.

Lost wages due to injuries as well as medical costs can be recovered with the help of a police officer who provides a detailed account of an accident scene.

It’s important to always call the police after a car crash. Even minor collisions can benefit from having a police officer at the scene to provide assistance to you and other drivers.

By calling the police, you’ll have a greater chance at filing a successful claim so that any losses related to personal injuries or property damages can be fully recovered.


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