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How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case? 

Injuries are legally defined as harm committed against someone by the actions or negligence of another party. Most people consider the physical injuries that occur as a result of car collisions or workplace accidents. But other injuries can occur that infringes upon a person’s legal rights. When one party willfully injures another, they can be liable for the resulting damages. So you may ask, How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case? 

The following helps you understand the different types of injuries that can be used as a basis for legal actions. Understanding injuries under Georgia state law can help you protect your legal rights and get the compensation you deserve. If you think you may have a claim, but are unsure, schedule a free consultation.


Types of Personal Injuries

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal injuries typically result from events where a person has been injured as a result of someone else’s intent, recklessness, or negligence. The offending party can be held legally responsible for the harm resulting from these events. Personal injury laws govern how cases involving car accidents, workplace injuries, injuries involving animals, and others are handled.

Personal Injuries due to a Car Accident

Injuries from car accidents may include fractures, traumatic brain, and spinal cord injuries, sprains and strains, and whiplash, among many others.

Dog Bites

Personal injury cases involving animals are often the result of dog bites. Compensation for dog bite cases can help victims cover any medical expenses and dog owners can be held responsible.  In these cases, if the animal was not provoked and the owner failed to use reasonable precautions to prevent the attack, the owner may be liable for injuries sustained. Victims may seek compensation from the dog owner’s insurance provider.

Workplace Injuries

Accidents that occur at the workplace can lead to costly medical expenses as well as lost wages, permanent disability, and future pain and suffering.

These and other injuries are considered personal injuries when caused by the wrongful behavior or negligence of another party. 


Other Types of Personal Injuries

Examples of other types of injuries include damage to a person’s reputation or dignity through defamation, damages caused by a breach of contract, and damage to personal property.


Defamation includes any statements made by one party that resulted in harm to another party’s reputation. Libel occurs when these statements are published in writing, and they’re classified as slander when they’re only spoken. Individuals who feel they have been defamed can take legal action against the offending party. There are requirements for filing a defamation lawsuit, including showing the courts that the statement was made or published as well as that the statement caused your injury and was false.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one or more parties break any of the promises outlined in a contract. Contracts are used in many settings as a way to outline the terms of an agreement and ensure that all involved parties comply with those terms.
The severity of the breach will determine how much compensation you may be entitled to receive. In some cases, modification or rescission of the contract may be used to resolve the dispute.

Property Damage

Lawsuits that result from damage to property can help victims recover the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property. Common examples of property damage include harm caused to a person’s home, vehicle, or personal possessions.
Injuries caused by others can entitle you to receive compensation for damages that include physical harm, the loss of income, and the replacement of personal property.

Understanding the different types of injuries that can occur helps you determine the best legal strategies for your circumstances. Consulting with a skilled attorney, like Personal Injury Attorney Mark Thomas, helps you take the right legal action to get compensated for all injuries. If you’re still asking, How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case, Contact our Sandy Springs Personal Injury Law Office today to schedule a free consultation. 404-984-2653


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