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How Are Personal Injuries Different From Other Types of Injuries and Accidents?

How Are Personal Injuries Different From Other Types of Injuries and Accidents?

Personal injuries are the result of accidents caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of another party.

Victims of personal injuries can experience long-term or permanent disabilities that prevent them from returning to their normal daily activities.

Injuries can impact a person’s mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing, causing them to be unable to earn a living and support their families.

Personal Injury Under Georgia Law

Under Georgia state law, personal injuries include any injuries that impact the body, mind, or emotions. This is separate from injuries to someone’s personal property.

A personal injury lawsuit falls under the category of tort lawsuits, which are legal actions brought by plaintiffs who have experienced harm caused by another party’s reckless conduct or negligence.

A personal injury lawsuit typically seeks to recover losses related to the plaintiff’s medical expenses, reduced quality of life, loss of income or the capacity to earn future income, and pain and suffering.

Recovering Losses From Personal Injuries

Compensatory damages consist of compensation meant to address any losses that resulted from an accident or injury.

Being injured in an accident can lead to costly medical treatments and the need for ongoing care. It can cause victims to lose income and personal property.

Plaintiffs can be compensated for emotional distress, which considers the psychological effects that an injury can have. Many victims can suffer from feelings of anxiety, depression, and other challenges after an accident.

Injuries can prevent victims from returning to work, causing them to lose out on the income they need to support themselves and their families.

Compensation for the “loss of enjoyment” covers the inability to enjoy personal hobbies and other activities after an accident.

Other losses include the loss of consortium and the loss of earning capacity. Consulting with a skilled personal injury attorney can help you determine the value of your case and the type of compensation you should seek in your lawsuit.

Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

In order to hold another party accountable for their injuries, plaintiffs must demonstrate several factors.

  • There was a duty of care requiring the defendant to act reasonably.
  • There was a clear breach of that duty of care.
  • Your injuries resulted from that breach of duty.
  • The damages involved in your case were a direct result of your injuries.

Plaintiffs must consider factors that can influence the compensation they receive in a personal injury case. This includes the severity of your injuries and the level of pain and suffering you’ve experienced as a result.

Your attorney can help you gather the evidence you need to file a winning personal injury claim against another party.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injuries in Georgia and throughout the United States. Failing to obey the rules of Georgia roadways leads to accidents that result in devastating injuries.

Workplace accidents can lead to personal injuries that entitle victims to financial compensation. When employers fail to comply with safety standards or are negligent in protecting employees, they can be held liable for injuries and damages.

Medical malpractice cases result from negligence on the part of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Physical assaults and other criminal behaviors can lead to personal injuries that entitle victims to be compensated for their losses.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Understanding personal injuries, the damages they can cause, and the compensation you can receive will help you protect the wellbeing of you and your family.

Personal Injury Attorney, Mark Thomas, can evaluate the circumstances of your case, establish the negligence of the defendant in court, and help you secure the compensation you need to reclaim your quality of life for the future. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation at 404-984-2653



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