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What to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney: Does the Attorney Have Experience With Cases Like Yours?

What to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney: Does the Attorney Have Experience With Cases Like Yours?

All attorneys have a general understanding of the law, and many choose to specialize in a specific area of practice. But an attorney’s experience is one of the most important factors to consider when finding someone to represent you. 

Regardless of an attorney’s education, nothing can compare to real-world practical experience handling cases like yours. Determining an attorney’s experience can give you the resources that help you get the outcome you want. 

Experience Matters in Law

Court cases require a combination of relevant legal skills and experience. Rather than work with an attorney who has some level of understanding in a wide range of legal areas, you’re better off with the professional who’s worked on cases like yours. 

An attorney who only has experience in Georgia’s criminal courts will likely be unable to handle cases that revolve around estate planning, premises liability, or other areas. 

Experience in handling similar legal cases gives your attorney insight into the processes and legal hurdles you’ll encounter. They understand how judges and juries reach verdicts and determine the amount of compensation you can receive. 

The knowledge and skills attorneys develop through real-world experience is more valuable than any knowledge they received in the classroom. Experienced attorneys are familiar with existing statutes and the precedents set by courts in previous cases. 

They can distinguish between state and federal laws so to ensure that you have every legal option available to you. They understand what evidence to gather and how to submit it to the courts and the opposing party’s legal team. 

Navigating the Legal Process

An attorney who lacks experience in cases like yours may require more time to prepare for your case and become familiar with the laws and other factors that apply to your case. This could be a more costly and less effective strategy for you. 

In order to file a lawsuit, you and your attorney must gather information, prepare statements, and submit all the required documentation according to existing rules. 

An experienced attorney has navigated this process before. They understand the pitfalls that can arise. Working with the right attorney can make the process of navigating the legal system more efficient. 

This can give your attorney more time to build your case and attend to more important issues. They can explore the context and circumstances of your case in order to choose the best legal strategy. 

Experienced Attorneys Know the Court Systems

Attorneys who’ve worked with cases similar to yours are familiar with the officials who may be involved in your case. They understand what approaches work best when negotiating with other attorneys, insurance companies, agencies, and law enforcement.

Experienced attorneys know what has worked when dealing with these and other parties. They can avoid the strategies that have failed in the past so that you have a greater likelihood of success. 

They can tap into their professional network of experienced attorneys to understand how the opposition may handle their case. Knowing what to expect from the opposing party can prepare you for anything that can come up. 

Your attorney’s experience is critical to the outcome of your case. Attorneys who’ve worked with cases like yours move through the legal system with greater efficiency and better results. Choosing an attorney with the experience you need ensures that you protect your legal rights and get the outcome you deserve. 


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