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What to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney: What Does the Attorney Specialize In?

What to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney: What Does the Attorney Specialize In?

Finding the right attorney can be overwhelming. There’s a seemingly endless selection of attorneys in any given location with any number of specialties that can apply to your case. 

Identifying the area that an attorney specializes in may be one of the most important steps to take. Knowing what your needs are helps you find an attorney with the skills, expertise, and experience you need to get the outcome you want. 

What Kind of Attorney Will Match Your Legal Needs? 

Attorneys who specialize in a specific area will have a deeper understanding of relevant laws and the ways in which courts apply those laws. They will know what rules and requirements need to be considered when filing a legal claim. 

The following are some common areas of legal practice:

  • Criminal 
  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Personal injury 
  • Estate planning
  • Corporate and small business
  • Immigration
  • Employment

Some cases may require knowledge in different areas of law. For example, a family law case may involve the presence of physical abuse (criminal) or the division of assets (estate planning). 

The right attorney can provide additional resources depending on the needs of your case. They may have a strong network of attorneys in other areas they can refer you to if your case requires it. 

An attorney can take the time to consider the circumstances of your case. They can help you choose the best legal options for your needs and call on other legal professionals to address specific issues. 

Why Specialization Matters 

In order to become a specialist in any area of law, attorneys must go through an examination process that covers all aspects of their area of specialty. They’re expected to build their foundation of knowledge through ongoing continuing education. 

Laws are continually being updated, and working with a specialist ensures that you have legal resources that are current with today’s laws. This prevents any issues that can lead to costly delays or court decisions that aren’t in your favor. 

Legal specialists must demonstrate their knowledge by working on different cases within a given area of specialization. All cases are unique, and even an attorney who specializes in family or estate law will need to be able to navigate complex legal processes. 

Finding the Lawyer Who Can Help You Get the Outcome You Want

An attorney’s area of specialization is just one of many factors to consider when preparing to file a legal claim. There are fewer attorneys who specialize when compared to those who have a more generalized skill set. 

Choosing an attorney to work with from a smaller pool can make the process easier for you. More importantly, it will help you find someone who will be better suited to meet your needs and anticipate any potential complications that can arise. 

Legal cases require you to gather and submit evidence. Expert and eyewitness testimony can be critical factors that have a significant influence on the court’s decision. 

Working with the right attorney will protect your legal rights while ensuring that all factors related to your case are addressed. You benefit from the insights and expertise that can only come from a legal professional who specializes in the needs of your case. 


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