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What to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney: Will Other Attorneys Be Working on My Case? 

What to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney: Will Other Attorneys Be Working on My Case? 

Some personal injury cases may require multiple attorneys to handle your case. But you need to know when attorneys other than the one you’ve hired might have to step in. 

More importantly, you need to make sure that you’re informed of other attorneys taking part in your personal injury case. This prevents conflicts of interest and unnecessary legal fees, among other factors you need to consider. 

Why You Might Need Other Attorneys for Your Case

Other attorneys may be assigned to your case if its complexity requires the expertise of a specialist. Some cases involve medical malpractice or product liability, which need to be addressed by an attorney who specializes in these or any other area of law. 

Conflicts of interests can require your case to be handled to another attorney or law firm. If the attorney you hire has also been hired by your defendant, then it might be in your best interest to have another attorney take over your case. 

The long-term impacts of injuries aren’t always apparent after an accident. If your injuries become more serious over time, then your case may require other attorneys who have the knowledge and experience in handling cases like yours. 

Protecting Your Rights and Interests 

If you sign an agreement dictating the terms of your hourly billing, make sure you know how many people will be working on your case. 

Clients need to be aware of common billing errors that can occur. You aren’t obligated to pay for the same task completed by two or more different attorneys. Administrative work should also not be included in your billing. 

Clients shouldn’t be billed for time spent on billing or collections or for any time spent training attorneys or other individuals involved in your case. 

Billing should outline the services that were provided to you along with the individuals or firms that performed those services. The hourly rates and total time spent on preparing your case should also be included in your billing. 

Knowing who you’re paying and what you’re paying them for is critical to protecting your interests and ensuring that your case is properly handled by the attorneys you’ve hired. 

Hiring the Attorney You Need to Get Compensation for Injuries and Other Damages

Who you hire can have a direct impact on the outcome of your case. Asking the right questions when hiring an attorney will get you the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and protect your family’s financial future. 

You want to hire an attorney who has experience handling cases like yours. They’ll be more likely to navigate the courts and understand the laws and rules that are relevant to your case. 

Many attorneys specialize in an area of law. Working with a specialist gives you the resources you need to win your case and the compensation you deserve. 

Ask your attorney who will be handling your case. Will there be junior attorneys and paralegals handling the tasks required to prepare your case? Will outside attorneys be brought in? How will billing be handled when more than one attorney is involved? 

You’ll  need to be in touch with the attorneys handling your case. Find out how you’ll be able to correspond with your legal team and who you should contact with questions or concerns. 

Your case may require other attorneys due to its complexity or any potential conflicts of interest. Knowing who is fighting for your case prevents unwanted issues and helps you hold others accountable for your injuries. 


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