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What to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney: How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

What to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney: How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

There are plenty of questions to ask before you hire an attorney. How long it takes to resolve a personal injury claim will depend on the complexity of your case, the attorney you choose, and other factors. 

Although attorneys can’t control how quickly the legal system will work for you, they should provide an estimate of how much time will be required to reach the resolution you want. 

The Complexity of Your Case

The complexity of your case and the extent of your injuries can influence the time required to get the compensation you deserve. Injuries resulting from accidents can range from minor to severe and debilitating injuries. 

Significant injuries can require ongoing medical treatments and recovery time. You and your attorney need to determine the value of your losses and damages when preparing your case. 

Settling your case too early can cause you to miss out on the compensation needed to cover future medical costs and loss of income. 

If there are multiple defendants and witnesses involved, the process could take longer. In some cases, defendants may be hard to locate and serve with a lawsuit. 

Your attorney can help you file your case and gather the evidence you need to achieve the outcome you want. 

Managing the Legal Process

Once you’ve filed a lawsuit in Georgia, there will be many other factors that determine how long it will take to resolve your case. 

Working with an attorney who has experience handling cases like yours can speed up the process. They can anticipate common obstacles that arise in personal injury cases and respond quickly to avoid costly delays. 

Your attorney can help you determine the best options for your case, but you’ll need to know how each one can influence how your case proceeds through the courts. 

You’ll need to communicate with your attorney along the way. Make sure that you have access to your attorney so that you can have all of your questions and concerns addressed quickly. 

Determine who will be working directly on your case. Attorneys often bring outside legal counsel, paralegals, associates, and others to handle the tasks related to your personal injury lawsuit. 

The more people who are involved, the more time may be required to reach a resolution. The presence of insurance companies and other parties can add to the time required to negotiate any settlement terms. 

Choosing the Right Attorney to Resolve Your Case as Quickly as Possible 

Who you hire as your attorney is one of the biggest factors affecting the outcome of your case. Asking the right questions helps you get the legal resources you need so that you can get the compensation to help you fully recover from your injuries. 

Conflicts of interest can arise, causing delays and other issues. Your attorney’s firm may represent other parties related to your case. They should notify you of any conflict of interest early in the process.

Keep in mind that a faster resolution to your case won’t always translate into a larger settlement. Some cases require more time to win the settlement that benefits plaintiffs and their families. 

Resolving your case too quickly can hurt you in the long run. Consult with your attorney to figure out what the best strategy is for you to get the settlement you need. 

Your personal injury attorney may not be able to give you a specific timeline for resolving your case. But when you ask the right questions, you avoid the issues that get in the way of a swift legal resolution. 


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